Why Onyx

Onyx professionals are committed to executing each endeavor with the goal of responding to the clients, executing with excellence, and achieving the most cost-effective solution.  Our commitment to our client has resulted in long term business relationships.


A zero accident workplace is the goal at Onyx.  This objective is fundamental to our well being, as well as the efficient and successful operation of the company.  The safety of all employees, clients and subcontractors is paramount at Onyx.  Employees working for Onyx are required to comply with Municipal, State, and Federal Health and Safety Regulations.  The Onyx Health and Safety Program is compliant with OSHA guidelines.

The Onyx Safety and Health Program satisfies all OSHA requirements for engineering training, consulting, and project management.  The Onyx Health and Safety Program is monitored and audited for OSHA and TXDOT compliance by National Compliance Management Systems (NCMS), DISA, SNetworld and Veriforce.

Responding to Clients

A key to achieving customer satisfaction is responding appropriately and within the specified time limits to the needs of the client.  A thorough understanding of the client's requirements is the first step in achieving quality results and overall client satisfaction.  Onyx engineers and project managers use their former operating company employment experience to understand client's needs, and meet expectations.  At Onyx, we believe that this understanding is not a "One-Time" achievement, but an ongoing effort throughout the project and relationship with the client.  Onyx clients have awarded subsequent projects to Onyx because their expectations have been fulfilled on a continuous basis.

Executing with Excellence

Our Team is commited is to provide safe, technically accurate, cost-effective, and constructable deliverables that meet or exceed the client requirements. Our ability to deliver has resulted in our being selected for exclusive engagements with many of our clients.  Our ability to execute with excellence is based on a dedication to the following:

Providing Innovative Solutions

Our commitment to providing the most valuable service includes providing innovative solutions.  Onyx utilizes the following means to stimulate innovations throughout project execution:

The Onyx Method

Onyx utilizes state-of-the-art tools that bring the full value of modern technology and communication to our clients.  These tools include computerized intelligent systems and digital equipment to assess the fabrication, construction, and inspection stages in a project.  Through historical data, Onyx monitors labor-unit averages to ensure cost effectiveness of current projects.  The key is to provide the project manager with all the tools required to execute and monitor the job.

  • Safety and quality of designs
  • Technical expertise
  • Work behavior and attitude
  • Value Improvement Practices

  • Scope of Work
  • Estimate of man-hour costs
  • Milestone and detailed schedules
  • Resource loading plan
  • Performance reporting system
  • Accounting systems

  • Optimization reviews
  • Value engineering work process
  • "Cold-eye" reviews
  • Strategic alliances

Welcome to Onyx Engineering, Inc.

Achieving the Most Cost-Effective Solution

Successful projects result from a carefully constructed and executed plan to control project costs.  Onyx employs the following integrated tools manage scope of services and to control project costs.