Attention to Value is key to providing clients quality deliverables. At Onyx, Value is part of the engineering process. Part of fulfilling our mission - To provide our clients with excellence in technical service from concept through to successful facility operation - is to incorporate value in the execution of work, continuously challenging the norm and delivering unique, accurate and high value solutions.

Value Improving Practices

During the course of a project, several Value Improving Practices are implemented. Implementation can be as simple as a one-on-one meeting between the Onyx Project Manager and Client Project Manager, or as significant as hiring a value-engineering consultant to facilitate a project team VE Session. Onyx typically caters its VE and VIP applications to the client’s needs and the size of the project.

VIP Implementation Methodology

Project Kickoff Meeting

  • Review sponsor’s objectives and for purposes of Onyx Engineering, Inc. VIP Program, implement the existing “Setting Facilities Objectives” base case.
  • Discuss any possible custom specifications and/or standards that may be needed on the project and plan implementation strategy for each.
  • Plan a future VIP session for Constructability and Value Engineering. This should be scheduled post-mobilization but early in detailed design.

Project Status Meetings

  • On an ad-hoc basis value engineering and constructabilty ideas will be raised and noted for further economic assessment and discussion at the scheduled VIP session.
  • After the scheduled Constructability and Value Engineering VIP session, additional ideas will be discussed at the project status meetings and briefly discussed to determine impact. If cost and schedule impact is minimal and option is valuable, issue will be presented to the client to approve ECN and further Onyx review.

Constructability and Value Engineering VIP Session

  • Review the plot plan, access, and infrastructure issues for the project and determine any
  • potential changes that may be investigate for value impact.
  • Have a working session to attack project scope with ideas to enhance value of design. Each idea will be reviewed for impact. Typically VE sessions are held earlier in engineering execution, but is included in this work process because Onyx Engineering, Inc. is new to the project and will present new ideas for the project.