Onyx offers a full range of engineering design, and project support services, including but not limited to the following:

Pipe Stress Analysis

The Onyx piping engineering department provides calculations and analysis for all types of piping support design to ensure safety and flexibility in all types of piping systems.  Nozzle equipment load evaluations.  Hot tap analysis and repad calculators.

Vessel and Tank Design

Onyx designs and prepares drawings for new vessels and tanks in accordance with ASME and API codes.  Onyx can analyze existing vessels for modifications and/or upgrades.

Safety Assessment/Life Safety Solutions

Onyx's personnel have a broad range of experience in assisting in all aspects of process hazards management, from developing of grassroots programs to evaluating existing programs.  Onyx can also provide personnel support for all Process and New Construction Projects whether it is in the Oil Field or the Refinery in a variety of all areas like experienced certified safety consultants for safety coordination and management, experienced certified safety supervisors for permit writing and monitoring, experienced certified safety instructors for in house refreshers and certifications.

Construction Support

Onyx project managers and coordinators play an important role in construction execution.  During engineering phases Onyx personnel coordinate and provide construct ability reviews as part of the engineering service provided to clients.  Often responsible for the construction phase, Onyx personnel are capable of managing the construction phase or simply supporting the client's team with timely and responsive technical support.  Onyx staff can support the construction contractor with drawing interpretation, field modifications, equipment and material procurement, status reports, schedules and other miscellaneous field support activities.

HAZOP Support

Onyx engineers support HAZOP in all phases of project execution.  From early engineering phase HAZOP reviews, to late phase Process Safety Reviews Onyx engineers provide ongoing HAZOP support to all of their industrial clients.

Process Engineering

Onyx Process Engineers have an average of 25+ years of experience in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry providing process engineering, control systems engineering, instrument engineering and project management. Other activities include technical reviews of piping and instrument design packages, engineering estimates, scheduling, PHA reviews, PFD & PID development, hydraulic calculations, equipment sizing, instrument specifications, control systems programming, operator training, pre-start up safety reviews, on-site commissioning and plant start-up support.  Two Senior Process Engineers have Professional Engineering licenses in the State of Texas.  One Senior Process Engineer has a Professional Engineering license in Oklahoma.

Services Provided

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Mechanical Engineering

Onyx mechanical engineers prepare mechanical flow diagrams, equipment and piping layouts, mechanical specifications, purchase requisitions, and vendor quotes.  Mechanical specifications and data sheets for vessels, exchanges, tanks, pumps, compressors, filters, mixers, and utility systems. Onyx can also assist clients in equipment selections taking into consideration the capital costs as well as the operations and maintenance costs.

Project Management

From initial conception through construction, Onyx project managers are qualified in client liaison with experience in estimating, scheduling, cost control, progress tracking, material expediting, design coordination, construction support, and preparation of project/operating manuals.

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering

Onyx instrumentation/electrical engineers and designers are experienced in developing specifications, preparing loop diagrams, installation drawings, control room layout, panel board design, analyzers, and interfacing with computerized control.  Onyx total systems design includes process control systems, distributed control systems, safety instruments systems load studies, power distribution design, MCC layout and design, lighting systems, grounding systems, interlock circuitry design, development of electrical equipment specifications, vendor review and vendor recommendations.  Onyx has unique abilities within the areas of engineering, specifying, configuring, start-up, and commissioning of control systems. The engineering staff has the training and experience to successfully engineer and manage the areas above with various control system platforms which include Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Data Control and Acquisition Systems (SCADA), and graphics development for interfacing with operations personnel.  The experience of our staff also extends to writing procedures and operator training.  Onyx engineers have experience in designing and troubleshooting systems by Yokogawa, Honeywell, Allen Bradley and Modican.

Civil Structural Engineering

Onyx civil structural engineers and designers are experienced in site preparation recommendations, soil analysis review, soil bearing and pile supported foundation design, paving and drainage plans, road  design, water treatment facilities, loading analysis for existing foundations and structures.  Design of new steel structures and analysis of existing structures, lift lug design, and FEA analysis

Commissioning/Startup Support

Onyx engineers have solid experience in plant startup support, and often play a primary role in the commissioning and startup of processing facilities.

Operations Support

With many years of former plant experience, Onyx engineers routinely support operators of industrial facilities.  Onyx engineers have also supported operations and maintenance of the Avista Resources, Inc; lube oil-reprocessing facilities in Denmark and Saudi Arabia.  Onyx has prepared operating manuals for these facilities and routinely prepares manuals and addendum for grass roots and revamp projects.

Topographic Surveying

Onyx can provide services related to topographical mapping, establishment of elevation benchmarks; metes and bounds surveys, tank settlement readings, and construction base lines.  Onyx can provide full service surveying for pipeline projects, wellhead locations, metes and bounds.  Onyx surveying capabilities extend from within industrial facilities to over land conditions.

AFE Estimating/Scheduling

Onyx project controls provide the cost and schedule tracking of each project on specific time frames, develop estimates from conception through construction.  Site-specific conditions such as labor availability and job complexities are continuously surveyed to create the most accurate estimates and schedules.