Onyx Engineering offers a full line of engineering services that range from project management to training. Our engineers take personal responsibility and pride in each project, delivering a cost-effective, timely, and on-spec result.

The Onyx engineering and design teams are aligned with our clients’ organizations and personnel to ensure timely and efficient project execution and delivery. We believe in open, continuous communication with our clients throughout the life of the project.

Process Engineering

With significant experience working for operating companies, our process engineering team has extensive hands-on site experience in all disciplines related to the process industries and understands client needs in design and operation. LEARN MORE

Mechanical Engineering

With experience working for clients in chemicals, our mechanical engineers are familiar with unique metallurgies for special applications, and routinely design equipment to meet client specifications and client preferences.LEARN MORE

Instrumentation/Electrical Engineering

With hands-on plant experience in DCS conversions, instrument commissioning and startup, and plant operation, our engineering team knows what it takes to make things work from an operating, maintaining and constructing perspective.LEARN MORE

Civil and Structural Engineering

The Onyx civil/structural and surveying team has significant experience in the process industry revamp environment. Our engineering team maintains over 25 years experience in civil/structural and marine engineering, and our design team averages over 12 years of revamp experience each in customized design and surveying.LEARN MORE

Onyx Safety Services

Onyx engineers and designers have established themselves as a highly competent safety and security system team. As clients’ facilities continue to age, the need for upgraded safety systems has become apparent. In light of heightened security awareness and new federal mandates, clients have had to overhaul perimeter security. Onyx has helped clients define requirements, meet code and regulations, and install much improved safety and security systems.LEARN MORE