Xylene BI Improvement

The scope of this project includes Phase 2, 3 and 4 services to modify operation of Xylene unit and allow the Bromine Index to improve.  Re-routing was performed to clay treat Xylene Column overhead.  Initially a +/-40% total installed cost estimate has been provided.

VaxonTM and PNA Unit Revamp

Complete project services for development of a 35MT lube oil reprocessing facility, including full basic conceptual frond end and detailed engineering services for installation of lube oil reprocessing unit in Denmark.  Project included revamp of existing facility to provide lube oil reprocessing capability and procurement of equipment, supervision of module construction, construction inspection, commissioning startup support and ongoing plant engineering support.

Benzene Interconnection

The scope of this project was to install the necessary piping and resize the pump to transfer benzene between two plants using a spare interconnecting pipeline system.  Onyx performed the engineering estimates, detailed design and construction support.

Lube Oil Reprocessing Plant

Provide engineering, construction and operations support for a 70MT per year lube oil reprocessing.  Scope of project included full basic, conceptual, front end and detailed engineering services for a grass roots lube oil reprocessing plant in Al-Jubail Saudi Arabia.  Project included all facilities and utilities.  Scope also included providing procurement commissioning startup support and plant operation supervision.  Project implemented licensed technology to reprocess used lube oil and provide virgin grade base oil with no waste streams.  Project execution was similar to DBOOT process.

HOC Flue Cooler Replacement

The scope of the project includes detailed design of the HOC Unit Flue Gas Cooler Replacement.  This critical push item is crucial to the success of the January 2005 turnaround in which Onxy will provide field-engineering support.  Scope includes demolition of existing flue gas cooler, structural modifications and installation of new cooler and boiler field water pumps.

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Alkylation Plant

The purpose of this project is to provide detail design engineering required for modifications of the piping and instrumentation systems on the Alkylation HF Migrations Part 2 project.  This component of the migration project includes the piping, instrumentation and controls to allow for rapid dumping of the unit HF acid into a de-inventory vessel.  The scope included Mechanical Piping line sizing based on hydraulic conditions, pipe routing and stress analysis, Civil Structural evaluation of existing pipe supports and the associated foundations, engineer-design modifications and overbuild to existing structures, instrumentation Electrical instrument air header system, wiring from field devices to a new control system, engineering the value and instrument modifications and also the modifications to the control motor wiring.

Sulfur Plant Relocation Project

Scope of the project included detailed engineering and design services and construction support for a 550TPD Sulfur Recovery Unit in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Project included incorporating facility into plot plan of existing facility and providing all necessary utilities.  Used equipment was redesigned and adopted to new unit Procurement support provided for critical equipment, piping and specialty teams.

Ammonia to Hydrogen Plant Conversion

The scope of this project includes upgrading a shut down Ammonia facility into a Hydrogen production unit to supply H2 to new Diesel Hydrotreater.  Onyx performed detailed design, construction support and startup procedures.

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