Taubman Yard Tank Relocation Project

The project consisted of OSBL infrastructure to relocate two gasoline storage tanks at the Taubman yard tank farm.  Project included preparing the AFE estimate, Front End Loadings, detailed engineering and design.  Project scope included OSBL piping, power distribution, two relocated tanks foundations, instrumentation and controls.

Ingleside Terminal Firewater Upgrade

Scope of project includes replacing distribution system with new piping, new make up water, and three pumps.  Onyx is responsible for AFE estimating, full phase 3 engineering, as well as phase 4 detailed engineering, and design with construction support.

Tribble Lane Pump Relocation Project

Scope of the project included detailed engineering to relocate two 700Hp pumps from Driscoll Pump Station to Origin Station.  One 1500Hp pump will be located from Tribble Lane to Origin Station.  The two 700Hp will be spare back-up pumps for the 1500Hp pump.

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Terminal Connection

Project scope included all necessary reconfiguration to provide refined products to the terminal. Scope included process design through detailed engineering and design as well as construction support.  Installation included additional piping, horizontal directional drilling under the port, EPA permitting, right-of-way penetrating, tank and dike work, pumps, power, instrumentation, and controls.  The scope of the project included a new transmix tank with foundation, pigging receivers, sumps and sump pumps, automated MOV's, tank instrumentation, truck loading, metering instrumentation, product analyzers and SCADA systems

Pipelines & Terminals

KPL Viola, Pettus Stations

FHR Ingleside