Onyx has a full service staff of Safety Professionals committed to providing a wide array of safety services. We provide solutions that include Safety Professional Staffing, Safety Attendant Services, Safety & Health Consultation and Stand-by Rescue Teams. At Onyx Safety Services, we seek to tailor our business solutions to each client’s individual needs in an effort to increase safety and quality, resulting in an injury-free work environment.


Onyx Safety Services is a group of dedicated safety consulting professionals whose practice is the structure and implementation of workplace safety and compliance. Every member of our staff not only holds highly technical degrees but they have practical "in-field safety" experience. Our areas of experience include, but are not limited to:

  • OSHA Citation Assistance
  • OSHA Abatement Requirements
  • Accident Investigations and Accident Reporting
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Program Development and Implementation
  • Facility Audit and Recommendations


  • On-site safety support for long and short term projects (Industrial Construction, Turn-Around, Drilling Sites, Pipeline Construction)
  • Conduct safety inspections/audits to identify and correct potential hazards and insure compliance with OSHA regulations. 
  • Conducting accident investigations to identify causes and recommend preventative measures.
  • Examining plans and specifications for new machinery or equipment to determine if all safety requirements have been included.
  • Assisting in obtaining OSHA VPP status.
  • Issuing permits as required by the client, such as: Confined Spaces, Safe Work Permits, and Excavations. 
  • Daily maintenance activities
  • Capitol construction projects
  • Site inspections
  • OSHA surprise Inspections