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Results from industry research has led to a list of highly-effective incident reduction techniques.  They clearly showed when management demonstrates HSE commitment by issuing a safety mission statement, participating in incident investigations and field inspections, reviewing safety performance reports, and attending employee orientations.

When a new employee meets a manager during orientation, they are more likely to start work with a safe attitude.  Safety commitment does not exist without visibility.  Leaders can demonstrate their conviction in strategic ways.  Where do you spend your time?  The most critical point managers need to remember about strategic visibility is that it does not have to cost money.  Presence in the right safety-related processes demonstrates what is important to the manager.

New employees can form opinions in the first couple of hours they are on site.  This is a perfect opportunity for Site Managers to set the safety tone by meeting with the new employees.  Intentional interaction with employees during safety meetings, and audits shows an employee safety is important to you.  Ask safety-related question.  Workers know your interest by the questions you ask.

Note:  When leaders balance management participation with decisive action, they visibly demonstrate that safety is important.

During an HSE walk through or field inspection, management has the opportunity to establish their expectation for HSE performance, raise HSE visibility, and positively affect the worksite's HSE culture.  A manager's attention shows employees what he/she feels is important.

Crew Accountability Program

Crew Accountability actions can include:

  • Management participation in the morning SAP meetings to demonstrate HSE commitment to the pre-planning of work and assistance around clear directions, identified hazards/barriers, and mitigation/control efforts to keep employees free from injury
  • Contribution to the development of the SAP quality - not just attend, observe, and leave without comments
  • Regular attendance/participation by Site Manager, Construction Manager, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, HSE, planners, etc
  • Sign off on SAP in the Management Participation section to verify attendance

Note: Elevated work locations have been noted as receiving "less attention" than more convenient lower-and ground-level locations.  All project areas must be given consideration so that all work crews are given the opportunity to participate in the Crew Accountability Program process with a management team member.

Management in Action