Onyx instrumentation/electrical engineers and designers are experienced in developing specifications; reviewing and recommending vendor data; preparing loop diagrams and installation drawings; designing control room layouts, panel boards, and analyzers; and interfacing with computerized control. Our total systems design capabilities include process control systems, distribution control systems, load studies, power distribution design, MCC layout and design, lighting systems, grounding systems, interlock circuitry design and development of electrical equipment specifications.

Our instrumentation/electrical engineering services include:

  • Development of specifications
  • Vendor data review and recommendation
  • Preparation of loop diagrams
  • Control room layout/panel board design
  • Installation drawings
  • Total systems design, including process control systems, distributed control systems, load studies, MCC layout and design and automation upgrade

Our design team is commited to meet the exact specifications and preferences of our clients. By involving our clients early in the process, specific client preferences can be incorporated into the design avoiding rework and cost overseas.

Our team takes advantage of its plant operating experience to select the systems of best value, approved specification and streamlined operation. We can incorporate these systems into client’s existing system or establish new ones to replace pneumatic or obsolete technology. Onyx engineers can also support operator interface and DCS configuration and PLC programming.

Core Capabilities:

  • Relief systems
  • Analyzer systems
  • FAT and sAT support
  • Commissioning and startup support
  • Instrument installation
  • Working within older, less automated facilities

The Onyx electrical team has extensive experience utilizing existing infrastructure from older operating facilities to customize solutions within challenging conditions. Our team excels when confronted with out-of-date and out-of-code installations that need to be upgraded with current code and spare capacity for future, all within the client’s requirements of value and expenditure. The Onyx electrical team has designed backup generation, power distribution, extensive security and access control, motor conversions and many day-to-day improvement projects.

Core Capabilities:

  • Customizing design
  • SCADA systems
  • Motor conversions
  • Facility upgrades
  • Congested routing
  • Secure entry and facility security systems