Alternate Power Project

Provided backup generating capacity of the aWater Treatment Plant. Project included front-end engineering and design, construction inspection and management support, and maintenance contract support. Project enabled the plant in the event of power outage from weather disaster.

Water Treatment Plant Generator Testing and Maintenance

Scope of project includes writing contract, developing, and overseeing maintenance program, and supervising contractor for testing maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant Generator Set (3 at 200kw).

Lab Building Expansion

Scope of project included front-end engineering and detailed design for the services to a new laboratory expansion. Power, communications, water, sewer and other services will be provided to the boundary limits of the building.

Administration Building Utilities Relocation
and Infrastructure Project

Project scope included relocating and upgrading capacity of water, wastewater, voice communications, data, power systems, site grading and drainage for a 46,000 square foot expansion to an existing 36,000 square foot administration facility. The design included the use of both existing and new electrical substation components. Underground duct banks, above ground conduit and above ground cable tray systems were designed and engineered to the specifications of the client. Entire site was re-graded and drained to incorporate facility expansion into the existing drainage and paving systems.