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High Hazard Standby and EMS Response Teams

Through the High Hazard and EMS Response Team Onyx Safety Services can provide a multitude of services such as High Hazard Task Standby for rescue and EMS Services.  

High Hazard Rescue Team

Onyx Safety Services High Hazard Standby Teams provide standby services when tasks performed by crews present potential exposure to toxic releases.  All team members are experienced with the unique challenges presented by the petrochemical industry such as: H2S releases, flare line work, first line breaks, confined spaces, install/remove blinds, install/remove relief valves (RV), and immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) atmosphere.  All team members are trained and certified in the use, donning and inspection of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).

EMS Services

Onyx Safety Services High Hazard Standby Teams are all medically trained with the majority being paramedics.  They are able to respond to emergency situations when needed.  Onyx can provide on site medical coverage for your projects and turnarounds.  With a focus on the industrial setting to help manage and prevent recordables.