Onyx civil and structural engineers and designers are experienced in site preparation recommendations, soils and analysis, soil beaming and pile supported foundation design, paving and drainage plans, road design, water treatment facilities, loading analysis for existing foundations and structures.

Our civil and structural engineering services include:

  • Site preparation recommendations
  • Soil report analysis
  • Soil beaming and pile supported foundation design
  • Equipment and piping structural design
  • Paving and drainage plans
  • Modular structure design, including road design

Our civil structural engineering and design team has broad experience designing structural modifications and additions in very old and dilapidated conditions.  The civil structural team also has significant experience handling soils of questionable quality with unique solutions to meet clients' needs.  Our services require our surveyors to capture measurements and elevations in the most congested of locations, being extremely resourceful in the handling of bench marking.  Our team spends a majority of their time incorporating new Onyx installations into congested operation facilities.

Core Capabilities:

  • Customized structural add-on to operating facilities
  • Congested designs
  • Ladders and platforms
  • Revamp surveying and designs
  • Contaminated soil avoidance

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Civil & Structural Engineering